50 Direct Mail and Gifting Ideas for Q1 2021

50 Q1 2021-1

In 2020, webinars, Zoom calls, virtual events and digital strategies boomed as physical events and other offline channels were unavailable. These methods have supported companies that rely on acquiring new logos as well as keeping existing customers on board and happy. However, what this created was a disconnected feeling of separation from businesses.

The concept of digital fatigue hadn’t really hit home until 2020. As the world moved to a more digital and remote >working environment, the level of digital noise increased.

A study by UKTN found that 41% of UK buyers were suffering from digital fatigue UK Tech News.

There’s only so many webinars, emails and video calls we have capacity for as humans.

What we long for is interaction and experience. A frictionless buying experience that is tailored to our needs. As a result, ABM became more than a science project. It became a necessity driven by zero waste marketing mandates set by CFOs.

According to Hubspot a whopping 67% of brands leveraged Account Based Marketing in 2020.

Account Based Marketing has gone from strength to strength but the focus is moving from doing “marketing” to delivering experiences. ABX (or Account Based Experiences) is going to be your best bet to cut through the noise.

Providing people with an experience that is unique and enjoyable to them will help build up a positive sentiment with your brand and ensure that you’re staying top of mind.

The ultimate way to do this is by delivering personalized experiences that appeal to all 5 senses. We’ve come up with 50 gift ideas to tie into your sales and marketing campaigns for Q1 2021.

50 Q1 2021-3

The start of a new year following on from the holiday season is all about starting fresh. Many come up with New Year’s resolutions or refrain from doing certain things.

Whether it be fitness, mindfulness or even just keeping your desk in order, starting your year right helps set the tone for the months ahead. If you’re using gifting or direct mail in January, be mindful that recipients might have new fitness habits or have overindulged over the holidays. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Eco Friendly Yoga Mat
Smiles by Julie – Mindfulness Quotations in a Jar and Gift Box
AIMASON Essential Oil Diffuser
Non-Alcoholic Spirits
GuDoQi Desktop Vacuum Cleaner, OSCO Bamboo Desk Organizer & OMOTON Phone Dock
Bagel Breakfast Voucher for Bagel & Lox Day (January 15th)
TRUFF Variety Pack for Hot Sauce Day (January 22nd)
Healthy Snack Box Subscription
Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree Kit
COFOF Resistance Bands & XS Sports Aerobic Stepper
50 Direct Mail and Gifting Ideas for Q1 2021-4


Just because it’s the shortest month, doesn’t mean it’s not packed full of events and holidays that tie in with your value proposition or the problem you solve. From sporting events for the die-hard fan to having the opportunity to show someone that you care, February has something for everyone.

As people get fully back into the swing of things, take the opportunity to break the routine and send something that makes your recipient’s day.

Handwritten Note for Send a Card to a Friend Day (February 7th)
Voucher for Wings and Beer for Superbowl LV (February 7th)
Branded Umbrella and Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows for Umbrella Day (February 10th)
Ming River Sichuan Baijiu, Moleskine Limited Edition Chinese New Year Notebook & Fruit Basket
Luxury Chocolates, Handwritten Note & Branded Candy Hearts Bundle for Valentine’s Day (14th February)
Pancake Bundle: Voucher for Ingredients for Pancakes, Recipe Card and Maple Syrup for Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day
Caipirinha Set: Muddler, Glasses, Voucher for Limes, Sugar & Ice, Bottle of Cachaca for Ash Wednesday also end of Rio Carnival
Personalized Cookies & Handwritten Note
Flower Delivery for Random Act of Kindness Day (February 17th)
UDreamer Bluetooth Vinyl Record Player and a Vinyl of Their Favourite Artist
Swag Box- Branded T-Shirt, Hoodie, Pen, Stress Ball and Vacuum Tumbler
My Arcade Collectible Retro Pac-Man Micro Player
Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation
Red Velvet Cake Bundle incl. Ingredients Voucher, Recipe Card and Cake Tin
Streaming Service Subscription with a Recommendation of What to Watch
Pastries & Coffee Voucher for Morning Calls
Create the Apres-Ski Bundle: Villeroy & Boch Vivo Fondue Set, Recipe Card, Voucher for Cheeses and Wine
Ascher USB Rechargeable LED Bike Lights Set, I Kua Fly Cycling Gloves for UAE Cycling Tour (February 21st)
Personalized Wine Bottle
Mpow M5 Pro Bluetooth Headset
50 Direct Mail and Gifting Ideas for Q1 2021-6

The first quarter can be a huge unknown and stressful to boot. Marking the end of Q1 with a gift or send will help you show that you truly care. Make a send that helps bring a bit of levity to someone’s day or even something to help them get through their day a little bit easier.

If you find yourself behind on quarterly goals, leverage gifting to make up for it, particularly with deals you are trying to close. Alternatively, use March as a marker for what you hope Q2 will bring.

Branded Cupcakes
E-Reader with Reading Recommendation
Craft Beer Selection and Personalized Beer Glass
Cocktail Kit, Woodwick ‘At the Beach’ Reed Aroma Diffuser, Book Recommendation for Plan a Solo Vacation Day (March 1st)
Cold Caller Bundle: ‘Gap Selling’ by Keenan, Topiky Retro Handset Phone, Personalized Mug for Alexander Graham Bell Day
Proofreader Bundle: STABILO BOSS Highlighter Set, Personalized Mug, Pukka Herbs Tea Selection Gift Box for Proofreading Day
Mario Super Star Light for Mario Day (March 10th)
“Lunch on Me” UberEats Voucher
Craft Soda Box
Quantum Art 25 Piece Painting Set
50 Direct Mail and Gifting Ideas for Q1 2021-7
Irish Coffee Bundle: Cafetiere, Voucher for Coffee Beans, Irish Whisky, Cream and Nutmeg with Recipe Card for St. Patrick’s Day42.
Premier League Night Bundle: Home. Ground Premier League Home Ground Print, Craft Beer and Branded Stemmed Glass Set &Chips Selection
Continental Waffle Breakfast for Waffle Day (March 25th)
Pocky Chocolate Cookies Selection
Brita Water Filter Jug
Brita Water Filter Jug
TECKIN Smart Plug
Webinar Bundle: Notepad & Pen, Snacks and Drinks with QR Code Link to Webinar
Cinema at Home Bundle: Gourmet Popcorn, Craft Sodas, Personalized Blanket, Streaming Service Gift Card
Tower Mini Panini Press

And that’s our list for Q1. Hopefully you now have some inspiration of what you can send and how you can get creative.

If you have any questions or want to find out how you can incorporate direct mail and corporate gifting into your strategies drop us a line at hello@reachdesk.com or visit www.reachdesk.com