Q1 Corporate Gifting Guide 2022

Take the guesswork out of gifting! Get inspired by ideas from our gifting experts and create memorable direct mail campaigns this quarter.


During and after the festive season that is Q4, we know that gifting isn’t necessarily at the top of your to-do list. Getting back to work, counteracting that December festive fun and finally getting round to going through your inbox is likely to take up a lot of your time - and we won’t hold that against you.

When you’re sifting through those emails though, just how many of them are going directly in the bin? All that noise and nothing making an impact. The unfortunate truth is that plenty of others are doing the same thing - even those on the receiving end of some of your outreach. Ours too!

So what if there was a way to cut through the noise instead of adding to it? Just like puppies, gifts aren’t only for Christmas and continuing those feel-good moments is the secret answer to creating more meaningful, longer lasting relationships with your prospects, clients and even your own hardworking employees.

Don’t worry though - personalized thoughtful gifting doesn’t need to be hard, expensive or complicated. Gifting is our bread and butter, it’s the Reachdesk DNA if you will, so we’ve put together ideas sourced from our team of direct mail and gifting fanatics to ensure you can delight and surprise.

Q4 Gifting Guide 2021-2

Thought of something
you can’t see?

No problem. Our delightful customer success team is waiting to help you delight your customers, prospects and employees. Don’t forget to check out our top tips, too.

  • It’s not about how much you spend - the key is researched, meaningful gifts. Spend 5 extra minutes finding something out about your gift recipient instead of wasting that time trying to find the perfect pricey item!
  • Excited by the idea of gifting to help you build better business relationships? The first rule is not asking for anything in return, to ensure it remains a lovely surprise & delight, and it doesn’t feel like bribery
  • Get ahead of the trends and consider account-based experiences as a marketing tool. Utilize Direct Mail in your wider strategy, rather than deploying it as a single channel, to get the full reward.
  • Make it easy for your team to add gifting straight from their inbox, using the Reachdesk Chrome extension.
  • Use triggered campaigns to automate your sends (if compatible with your integration).
  • Still working from home? Use Reachdesk’s address confirmation feature to make sure the gift finds them wherever they are.
  • Try running giveaways and competitions instead of just sending (but make sure you stay compliant with promotional rules!)
  • Start the year as you mean to go on, and focus on sustainability this year. Opt for donations in lieu of gifts. GlobalGiving.org is a fantastic place to start. If you like gifts but don’t like to be wasteful, speak to our amazing Reachdesk Customer Service team who can help you put together eco-friendly bundles!

All Month Long

icon1-1 New Year, New Us
icon2-1 New Year’s Resolutions
icon3-1 Recharged and Reset
icon4-1 Dry January (UK)
icon5-1 National Mentoring Month (US)

One Offs

icon7-1 Festival of Sleep
icon8-1 Make Your Dreams Come True Day
icon9-1 Organize Your Home Day
icon12-1 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
icon11-1 Chocolate Cake Day
icon12-1 Puzzle Day

New Year, New Us

New Year, New You? New Us? New everything! Get your branding on water bottles, gym gear and bags for those returning to the office. Create bespoke bundles for different teams with help from Reachdesk project management.


Recharged and Reset

Load up the vitamin c and new phone chargers to help boost you and your tech as the new year gets going.
Feeling like pushing the boat out? Evolve your ABM strategies to include account-based experiences - trip to the salon for you and a prospect? Meetings don’t only have to be lunches now.


New Year’s Resolutions

Tap into New Year’s Resolutions to stay healthy with gifts for exercise, vigenary and staying organized.
Exercise class passes, lunch vouchers (with recommendations of local spots for plant-based food) and desk tidies are sure to be well received.


National Mentoring Month (US)

Turn yourself into a gift and offer your own mentoring to others! Alternatively, look to mentoring.org to attend events both physically and virtually.


Dry January (UK)

Take a break from the festive drinking and opt for some non-alcoholic options - try out soft drink packages and mocktail kits.


Festival of Sleep, January 3

We all need our beauty sleep. Try bath bombs, cosy slippers, lavender essential oil and eye masks to increase the likelihood of some shut eye. A Calm app subscription can aid in sleep and meditation too.


Make Your Dreams Come True Day, January 13

Keep it light-hearted and silly on this day with gifts that don’t need to be practical. Try gifting experience days rather than physical sends - wine tasting, cooking classes, and the like.


Organize Your Home Day, January 14

Tidy house, tidy mind. Get back into the swing of things with some nifty gifts to keep your home and home office pristine. A yearly organizer or wall calendar is a great place to start.


Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 20

Commemorate and continue Martin Luther King  Jr.’s legacy by dedicating time to learning about tackling inequality.


Chocolate Cake Day, January 27

It goes without saying that chocolate cake day needs chocolate cake. Bring some joy to a prospect’s home or office with a sweet treat.


Puzzle Day, January 29

Feeling ‘puzzled’ because you can’t break
through? Add a special touch by having a
personalized puzzle made at Photobox - upload
a photo that includes a great offer and wait for
them to solve.

All Month Long

icon23-1 Black History Month (US, Canada)
icon24-1 LGBT+ History Month (UK)
icon25-1 BDR Appreciation Week
icon26-1 Lunar New Year (East Asia)

One Offs

icon27-1 Send a Card to a Friend Day
icon29-1 Make a Friend Day
icon31-1 Super Bowl Sunday
icon28-1 Valentine’s Day
icon30-1 Mardi Gras
icon32-1 Random Act of Kindness Day

Black History Month (US, Canada)

Take a stand and remind the world that Black Lives Matter. Amplify black voices by partnering with local black-owned businesses or make charitable donations to organizations working towards supporting black voices. Focus on smaller, local community-led programs rather than large-scale initiatives. Big names get enough corporate attention. Try pairing with smaller and more hands-on initiatives. Or organize a literature day and give all employees a book plus company time to read and discuss.


LGBT+ History Month (UK)

Rainbows are where it’s at for celebrating LGBT+ history. Show your support with rainbow gifts and work with your DEI&I group. Form one if you don’t already have one.


BDR Appreciation Week

Show some support to the BDRs in your life with some stress balls (for when prospecting isn’t going so great) and a celebration kit (for when it does). Include party poppers for extra panache.


Lunar New Year (East Asia)

The Lunar New Year is an auspicious time in East Asian calendars and gifting around this season is highly encouraged. Popularized in China but now in several other countries traditions, red envelopes with money, vouchers, or gifts are given. Add a red envelope to your gifting and try to support local Asian companies.


Send a Card to a Friend Day, February 7

Use Reachdesk to send a personalized handwritten note to a client or prospect, and see how it’s not about the money you spend, but the thought you put in.


Make a Friend Day, February 11

Make making friends the heart of doing business. Show your prospects that you want to understand their pains and be a trusted advisor more than anything else with some personalized notes, flowers, and maybe some booze.


Super Bowl Sunday, February 13

Get game day ready with a Reachdesk bundle or send your prospect a voucher to grab some beers and snacks.


Super Bowl Sunday, February 13

Get game day ready with a Reachdesk bundle or send your prospect a voucher to grab some beers and snacks.


Mardi Gras, February 16

For Mardi Gras, consider a carnival mask in your prospect or client’s company color as a surefire way to get noticed.


Random Act of Kindness Day, February 17

Spotted on LinkedIn that someone’s not having the best day? Surprise them with a gift and expect nothing in return. Sometimes we just want to feel thought about. Some cookies can put a smile on anyone’s face. Reachdesk has gluten-free options too.

All Month Long

icon42 Women’s History Month (UK, US, Aus)
icon43 Spring Forwards

One Offs

icon44 World Compliment Day Pancake Day (UK)
icon45 I Want You To Be Happy Day
icon46 National Employee Appreciation Day (US)
icon47 Napping Day
icon48 St. Patrick’s Day
icon49 March Equinox
International Day of Happiness
icon50 International Goof Off Day
icon51 Earth Hour Day

Women’s History Month (UK, US, Aus)

Honor the contributions of women to your field or industry with some generous gifts (for the women). Think Champagne, personalized flutes, and empowered stickers and mugs.
Educate the men in your life with books and classes. Try bell hooks’ Feminism is for Everybody, Audre Lorde’s Sister Outsider, or a udemy course. And don’t forget, it’s International Women’s Day on March 8. Head to our March one-off gifting campaigns for more ideas on how you can help inspire real change


Spring Forwards

Spring has sprung! As the weather begins to shift, create bundles and send gifts based on the cold spell ending. “Grow your own plant” kits, organixation help (for that spring clean), a mini desk vacuum cleaner and a fresh set of stationery will have you up, and ready to do business.


World Compliment Day, March 1

Put some smiles on faces and spend the day giving compliments. Even better? Give a compliment on a cookie or a cupcake - easy to personalize on the Reachdesk marketplace.


Pancake Day, March 1

Want batter results? ‘Beat’ away the arguments and ‘flip’ the conversation with some pancake batter. Sweeten their tooth and sweeten your deal.


I Want You To Be Happy Day, March 3

Do what it says on the tin and show your desire to make someone else happy. Treat a prospect to lunch and don’t forget to see how you can keep making them happy with your fabulous product or service.


National Employee Appreciation Day (US), March 5

Teamwork makes the dream work! Put your money where your mouth is and send some delicious baked goods to all your employees to show just how much you really care for them and their hard work.


International Women’s Day, March 8

For International Women’s Day, forego the gifts and try to effect real change. Talk to the women in your company about what else you could be doing to help them, and follow through. Be mindful to include trans women in your definitions and discussions.


Napping Day, March 15

Get your sleep on - being great at work all the time is tiring stuff! Send a sleep-centric bundle packed with eye masks, relaxation goodies, and a personalized pillow for the best shuteye.


St. Patrick’s Day, March 17

All green everything! Happy St. Paddy’s. Don’t wait on a four-leaf clover to bring luck, deliver it to your clients and prospects yourself with a green themed bundle to get the celebrations going. We’re not saying you need St. Paddy’s shot glasses, but we’re not saying no, either.


International Day of Happiness, March 20

We think you should find some happiness every day, but there’s no harm in dedicating some time to it. Grab some smiley face themed kit - slippers, notebooks, mugs - and add a little cheer to your work routine.


March Equinox, March 20

Take a collective sigh of relief and mark the end of these long nights. Get gardening with herb or flower grow kits perfect for the kitchen as the days begin to lengthen.
In the Southern hemisphere? Prepare for the cold and upcoming dark evenings with some new gloves and a lovely scented candle to keep things cozy.


International Goof Off Day, March 22

Sometimes you’ve got to listen to your inner child. Throw in the towel today and gift some fun games! Cards Against Humanity, What Do You Meme and Obama Llama are great starting places.


Earth Hour Day, March 26

Without the Earth to sustain us, we wouldn’t be here. Instead of a gift, choose to donate to local causes, ocean clean up, or recycling efforts.

Make the sporting season easy and take direction from the Reachdesk marketplace. Send gameday packages with everything a person could need, from snacks to games and sporting paraphernalia. If in Europe you can even include some beers.

Want to up the ante? Try initiating friendly wagers with clients and prospects - and use Reachdesk to automate those winning gifts.


Australian Open
Jan 17-30


Special Olympics World Winter Games
Jan 22-28


NFL Playoffs and Superbowl
Jan 15-Feb 13


Winter Olympics
Feb 4-20


Six Nations
Feb 5-Mar 19


Winter Paralympics
Mar 4-13


Tu B’Shevat, Jewish, January 16-17

Tu B’Shevat, also known as Arbor Day, is contemporarily celebrated with the planting of trees. Reachdesk have partnered with Rewards Earth (UK) to make it easier than ever to give back to the planet. One Tree Planted is another option to explore.


Maha Shivaratri, Hindu, February 28 or March 1

All green everything! Happy St. Paddy’s. Don’t wait on a four-leaf clover to bring luck, deliver it to your clients and prospects yourself with a green-themed bundle to get the celebrations going. We’re not saying you need St. Paddy’s shot glasses, but we’re not saying no, either.


Shrove Tuesday (March 1) & Ash Wednesday (March 2), Christian

Many people still give things up for lent. Get in early with some chocolate treats before lent begins or opt for a lunch voucher after lent to help your prospects stick to their healthy eating.


Lailat al-Miʿraj, Muslim, February 28 - March 1

The Muslim celebration is not a compulsory one However is marked by those who choose to with a meal, along with candles and lights. For a gift at this time, opt for candles to help illuminate the home or celebrations. Reachdesk have Halal options, too.


Purim, Jewish, March 16 - 17

Purim is celebrated amongst Jewish communities with the exchange of food and drink, and making donations to the poor. Send a hamper of goodies (kosher!) or donate in lieu.


Holi, Hindu, March 18

The Festival of Colors is a globally loved celebration and can be easily partaken in. Gift your clients and prospects Holi powders to get themselves in the spirit, or even take an afternoon off from work and try it out yourself.


The Ethical Gift Box

For all your UK gift bundle needs, The Ethical Gift Box is bound to have an option for you. Ranging from ‘Chocoholic’ boxes to the motivational ‘You Rock’ bundles, you’ll be spoilt for choices.



Sweeten the deal with your prospects and clients with help from Popkakery’s delicious baked treats. Budget-friendly and the perfect little treat, with vegan options too.
Blank - for alternatives and more office focussed European options, try Blank for office packs of coffee and video call bundles.


The Care Crate Co.

We’ve got options on both sides of the pond! New to Reachdesk, our customers are absolutely loving The Care Crate Co. Helpfully themed and packed up for you, options range from ‘Mom’s Luxury Gift Set’ to ‘Easter Fun’.


Australian Gourmet Gifts

If you’re sending gifts down under, rely on Australian Gourmet Gifts to impress even the toughest of prospects. Curated hampers including wine, nibbles and delectable sauces. Just add cheese and cold meats - who says no to wine and charcuterie?



For a vendor that ships to a range of countries globally, try out iftbasketsoverseas. With shipping abilities from a range of locations, you can send bundles and baskets from Switzerland to South Korea.