Let’s get real, B2B marketing needs to get really personal really fast. Buyers are sick and tired of impersonal, poorly-timed, irrelevant outreach and marketers are running out of ideas on how to get their attention. Get personal with your audience and go back to building meaningful relationships which are, at the end of the day, what makes people want to do business with other people.

Join three die-hard personalization believers Demandbase CRO Allison Metcalfe and VP ABX Beki Scarbrough, and Reachdesk CRO Alex Olley to talk all things customer insight and personalization. We’ll cover:

  • How to gather and leverage customer insights 
  • How to pull your audience in with targeted advertising 
  • How to add a personal touch to your strategy with gifting and direct mail


Allison Metcalfe, CRO, Demandbase
Alex Olley, CRO, Reachdesk
Beki Scarbrough, VP ABX, Demandbase

: Thursday, 18 November 2021

Time: 4:00 PM GMT



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It's all about Account-Based Experience (ABX) & actionable data in B2B Sales & Marketing now! 

ABX is the new go-to-market strategy that puts the spotlight on the customer experience and uses data to orchestrate relevant, trusted Marketing and Sales actions throughout the B2B customer lifecycle.

Only 27%* of companies report they're fully satisfied with their ability to deliver truly personalized customer experiences using data collected across digital channels. This might be because, traditionally, B2B marketers have focused on data points that fail to bring the much needed personal touch to their communication. ABX promises a way to change that. 

The right type of data can help you hyper-personalize the customer experience allowing you to reach your target buying teams, earn their trust, and build the relationships that lead to big deals.

Join the companies who already see great results with ABX: