Reachdesk named a Leader in all of its Categories in G2's Winter Reports!

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Creating & maintaining personal connections requires even more effort, creativity & flexibility today, as the challenge expands from combating digital fatigue. B2B Sales, Marketing & Customer Success teams are challenged to create moments that matter in a hybrid work environment.
Reachdesk successfully continues to help those professionals to influence and strengthen their business relationships worldwide, regardless of where their personas are working.


Grid® Report for Direct Mail Automation | Winter 2022

Account-BasedDirectMail_Leader DirectMailAutomation_MomentumLeader DirectMailAutomation_Mid-Market_Roi DirectMailAutomation_Mid-Market_TotalUsers Love Us F21



Grid® Report for Account-Based Direct Mail | Winter 2022

Account-BasedDirectMail_Leader Account-BasedDirectMail_Roi Account-BasedDirectMail_EaseOfAdmin Account-BasedDirectMail_EaseOfSetup Account-BasedDirectMail_Mid-Market_GoLiveTime Users Love Us F21  



Grid® Report for Promotional Product Management | Winter 2022

Account-BasedDirectMail_Leader PromotionalProductManagement_Roi PromotionalProductManagement_EaseOfAdmin PromotionalProductManagement_EaseOfSetup PromotionalProductManagement_Small-Business_Total PromotionalProductManagement_Small-Business_QualityOfSupport PromotionalProductManagement_Small-Business_EaseOfDoingBusinessWith Users Love Us F21


Reachdesk is the 5th fastest growing product in 2021 in G2's database of 100k+.

It has been quite the ride on our end. Ever improving based on customer feedback, our platform continues to grow & grow.
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